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What are medical courier service rates

What are medical courier service rates

Medical courier services can be a great addition to your healthcare team.

When you need to transport medical equipment, samples, specimens, or medications, you can count on expert transportation from a trusted carrier.

But what are the rates? We’ve put together this guide to help you understand how much it costs to outsource your transportation needs.

What are the benefits of using a medical courier service?

There are several major benefits of using a medical courier service. Medical courier companies have been around for decades.

They’ve learned from other hospitals in your area, and they follow industry-specific best practices to safely transport medical products.

A medical courier company can be your own personal troubleshooter.

You can schedule regular pickup and delivery services, and medical providers can contact them in emergencies to transfer items or transport people who are otherwise unable to make it to the hospital.

Medical courier companies are experienced with transporting a wide range of products.

They don’t just move hospital supplies.

You can have them deliver computer equipment, blood products, and even packages from Amazon to your house.

How much does it cost to use a medical courier service?

What are medical courier service rates
What are medical courier service rates

The rates you can expect to pay vary depending on the service and the details of your package.

Medical courier services that specialize in shipping medical supplies such as blood or vaccines will often charge a flat rate per package.

This includes the insurance required to process the shipment, plus additional taxes and fees.

Flat rate rates do not apply to custom-made deliveries, which are filled with a lot of unique equipment and contain sensitive information.

Plus, they are more likely to be insured by the courier company.

A medical courier that provides fast delivery services can charge more than the basic rate.

These specialists transport items such as transplant organs or vaccines, which typically can’t be shipped over a long distance without delays.

Why choose DHL as your medical courier service provider?

DHL is an experienced healthcare courier that has mastered the art of on-time delivery in the pharmaceutical and medical industries.

We make on-time delivery the cornerstone of our business and we offer an excellent system of on-time deliveries.

As such, you can rely on us to take the time to collect your material, verify delivery time and submit proof of delivery.

With our extensive global network, we can reach almost any destination in the world.

And our driver-partners are always dressed in uniform and clearly marked.

So, you can be sure that you are receiving top quality service and at the very least, speed in your shipment.

What is the medical courier cost in the US and Europe?


If you’re in a hurry to transport medical equipment, samples, or medications, you may want to consider the cost of these services rather than just relying on yourself.

Some carriers can even have your medications waiting for you when you arrive at your destination.

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What are medical courier service rates