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Simple Way: How to meet celebrities/famous people on online, zoom, instagram | NYC | Los Angeles

Simple Way: How to meet celebrities/famous people on online, zoom, instagram | NYC | Los Angeles

Celebrity are set of people who make us happy and at time we fall in love with them and we wish to see them physically so there are ways to meet a celebrity or famous people online.

Your self crush celebrity might be a footballer, basketball player, musician, actor, actress and so many other that have contributed their talent to the society in one way or the other.

Meeting a celebrity on instagram is most exciting moment in one life, someone you have fallen for their talent and you find the rarest opportunity to meet them, you be amazed and happy so there are easy ways to meet a famous person or a celebrity and become friends with them.

So their are procedure you need to follow if you want to meet a celebrity successfully, they are also a human being like us, but through their talent and achievements they well know all over the world.

So in this post I will explains in full details step to take to meet a celebrity or a famous person and become friend with them.

Simple Way: How to meet celebrities/famous people on online, zoom, instagram | NYC | Los Angeles

Never ask them for anything

On your first time of meeting your self crush celebrity behave nicely soundly and normal, celebrity  at times are very rude, fame and wealth do corrupt the mind and soul.

So on your first meeting with your favorite self famous person do not start demand from them, they might lose interest in you and that might be your last chance to see them again.

Give them value

When you meet with your self crush celebrity made sure you offer them positive value and do not expect favor reward or not ask for any favor or request yet.

So we normal human being love those that add one value or the other our life.

So once what is you offer them worth their you will surely win over their heart.

 Dress well and neatly

When you have the chance to meet your desire celebrity dress decently and smartly, do not just dress any how or look dirty do not dress with worn out clothes.

Put on a nice cloth, the way you dress at time will be the way you be address.

Purchase VIP tickets to events

Another ways to meet a celebrity or famous person very fast is purchase a VIP tickets of a show that they will perform, or a big occasion where you can meet them.

Buying of VIP tickets will help you have free access to your self crush celebrity.

VIP are not mixed up with the crowd in a occasion but their is a special place design for them at any occasion in form of honour guest.

Visiting VIP spots and other places those celebrities frequent visit

Try to find out where those celebrities do visit to relax and enjoy themselves, they have places where they hang out and also have fun, so find the place and get contact with them.

They do hang out in different places like hotel, night Club, football event, basket ball event, beach, etc.

Associating with friends their family and friends

Becoming friend with close friend or family is the fastest way to meet a celebrity.

Try to find their close friend make friend with them, make your intention know to them, through that they will tell you how when the friend will be available and how you meet him/her Successfully.

Also through their family is also the best ways or easiest way to meet your self proclaimed crush.

Add them on social media

Add them on social media social media is a best place to see majority of activities the celebrity are doing,

But is a little bit very hard for them to response to your message or give you attention, but I have saw Justin Bieber do that once in a while.

But social media also a place to see few of their activities.

Purchase their time

Buy their time is another best and easiest ways to meet and chat with your self loving celebrities.

There are some celebrities that you can buy up their time, there be a certain amount of money you will pay for spearing their time to talk and chat with you.

If you a dying hard fan of a celebrity and you wish to see him/her face to face why not buy up their time.

Send them a heartfelt email or letter

One of the rarest way to meet or communicate with a celebrity or a famous person, if we’re able to get their original email address, through that you can express your love and loyalty toward and send it to their mail.

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Request to interview them

Another way to meet a famous person is through self interview either you interview them physically or you interview through digital network e.g. Skype, podcast, phone call and other. Ask them some important information about their life.

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Meet and follow up

Meet and follow up whenever you have the chance a to meet a celebrity, pay for their services, be interesting to them, that will give the chance another time to meet them conveniently.

Send them gifts

Another way to win over your crush celebrity is to send them precious gift.

As an appreciation and love you have toward them.

Through that one day you have the chance to meet them one day.


It is good to meet ones adorn celebrity. Just follow all the process mention above to meet your self celebrity.

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