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Hack: How to earn online without investment for student in 2021.

Hack: How to earn online without investment for student in 2021.


Every human being need to make tangible income for better living.

So there are various business you can start and earn money online without investing or investment on internet for student.

So if you scare of thinking that if you do not have big amount of cash you can not earn online, it is a lie there various you can earn real money online without investment.

There are various businesses opportunities you can start at the comfort of your home and earn money online,

it just required  hard work and commitment if you are ready to earn big online without investing for student.

In this post I will explains various ways student can earn online without investing any single capital, every living soul need to work to survive.

Take your time and read to very end of the post.


Freelancer is a business you can start as beginner looking for a ways to earn online without investment, but before you start freelancer you must have good writing skills, freelancer deals with writing of contents for client e.g bloggers, etc.

Freelancer is a business you start online by registering and create a profile at freelancer website on internet, also a ways to earn money at the comfort of your home.

Start a youtube channel

Hack: How to earn online without investment for student in 2021.
Hack: How to earn online without investment for student in 2021.

Are you looking for how to make money online as beginner, YouTube is a best and simple business you can start online in 2021, it lucrative business ideas in any where in the world you can today.

You can earn big cash on youtube but it require a lot of energy and hard work, Rome was not build in a day.

You can make millions of dollars on youtube it just required your creativity, creating various type of unique videos that will solve users problem.

Write a review

Hack: How to earn online without investment for student in 2021.
Hack: How to earn online without investment for student in 2021.

Writing a review is a way to make money online in 2021without paying anything, it is writing view or evaluation or summary on a particular product online,

for example you can write review about a platform, the quality of their product, if there service is okay or not, where they needed to amend for better improvement of their services.


Hack: How to earn online without investment for student in 2021.
Hack: How to earn online without investment for student in 2021.

Blogging is an way earn money online for free, blogging is one of creative student can make money online at any where,

But to be a successful blogger it require hard work and commitment, you to buy a domain, domain means creating a unique name for the blog you want to start and host it, installed wordpress and start making  free money.

Where also have free site where you can open free website online e.g like Blogger and wordpress  so many others. Blogging can make you a millionaire.

Selling e-book

Another free ways to make money online in 2021 is selling of e-book online.

E-book is content material that is created to solve user problem on a particular subject or niche, more like a PDF,

Create a e-book and upload it online for sale on a particular amount of cash and start making money fast today.

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the real ways to make money online for free, affiliate marketing is business you can start with in 2021 that required no capital,

just by signing up with various types of affiliate company online e.g. amazon, click bank, name cheap, after signing up them,

you will have your own referrer link, whenever product or good are bought through your referrer link you earn a commission.

So affiliate marketing  is big ways to make money online without paying anything.

Playing premium videos games

Premium video games is another way to earn money online for free through mobile.

there are types of premium games online that you can big cash from them, just for you to dive in to google and search for various games that can earn you money online in 2021.

Graphic design

Graphic designer is another job you can start online without investment, it just required your creative skills,

by developing different types of animation, logo, creative image, memes that will fetch you big cash by selling them on internet. Graphic design is a best skill job you can start as a beginner in 2021.

Business assistant

Business assistant is another ways to make money online in 2021 as a student, it is a job that required you to assist a person that have make big success online.

The assisting job might be in various form, tending to email, content writing, attend to client, and so many other, assisting job is another ways to earn money online without paying anything.

Selling of old stuff

Another to make money online as beginner is selling of your old quality stuff online, you can make free money online by selling your old stuff e.g. cloth, phone, books, home gadget, house, cars, home appliances an so many other things.

Selling of Old stuff is another ways to make money from your home.


If you have good teaching skills, their is a free job you can start online without investing a dime, e-learning is skillful job you can start online in 2021.

E-learning is advisable in advance countries like USA, China, Russia, UK, Germany, Mexico, Thailand, Taiwan, South Korea, e-learning it is a teaching skills that place online with the using of digital device to pass teaching to the learner.

Selling art

Selling art is another opportunities online jobs that required no capital for student, once you are good artistic of drawing unique quality drawing, you can make money daily online without investment.

Art is in various  types, draw the art that suits you , or draw what types of art people are demanded for online in 2021.

Create an Android app

Another ways to earn real money online in 2021, is android app, creating an Android apps can fetch free money online,

But to succeed online it required hard, smart work for you to succeed online.

Become online mentor

Mentorship is another ways to make free money online without paying anything.

It like life coaching of another who need solution and answer to there problem or solution to their life challenge issue.

Mentor works to coach instructed and bring about positive change in like of another individual in the society.

Video editing

Video editing is another where you can make money online in Nigeria for student in 2021.

Most especially editing you tube videos, for client, creating thumb nail, or meta description for your client videos, through that you will earn passive income online without any stress.


Business is essential important and necessary in the society.

Selection any free business that suit your skills online and start making money.

Making money online require a lot of smart work.

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